Gold Full Electronic Co.

Gold Full Electronic Co.
Established in 1987, Gold Full Electronic Co. Ltd. is engaged in selling electronic component such as capacitors, crystal oscillator, modules, RF modulators. Our headquarters is located in Hong Kong and have established subsidiary companies in China mainland and USA.

As a first-class agent of the SAMSUNG and MITISUMI, Gold Full has provided support and real service over many years through supply of a variety of electronic components and will continue to provide strong back-up to our customers.

To date, we have broadened our production lines and established a efficient supply and distribution network to provide application engineering services and technical support. Gold full makes use of her extensive experience, trustworthy staff and alliances to satisfy our customer both in service and products in hope of sharing with customers convenience and benefit brought by our real service and cooperation.

The main products:
(1) Capacitor
MLCC(Multilayer Ceramic Capacitores) , Solid Tantalum Capacitors,
Main proxy brand: SAMSUNG
(2) various modules and part of electronic products
Terrestrial tuners, RF modulators, IF compatible units, CD-ROM Drives, Floppy disk drives, GPS peripherals etc.
Main proxy brand: Mitsumi, SAMSUNG
(3) crystal units
Wide range crystal units such as crystal oscillator quartz resonator and so on. . .
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